The Fight for Tomorrow's Dreams

by Still Beating

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released June 27, 2013

Music by Still Beating

Recorded by Otso Kirvelä and Janne Nurmi
Mastered by Janne Huotari

Cover art by Ella Berglund



all rights reserved


STILL BEATING Helsinki, Finland

Melodic hardcore punk band from southern Finland



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Track Name: Lost
Are you ready?

The gaze from your eyes lost

Every friendship is fucked up

All the values are messed up

When envy has been spread

Every soul force fed

You see wolves at your doorstep

They suck you dry

Hope is hopeless

Was it worth the money?

So was it worth?

Is there limit for greed in this land of bad seed?
Track Name: Last Day On Earth
I don’t regret and I’ve got nothing to confess

I’m not trying to apologize

I won’t apologize

My last day on earth

Not making amends

My dear friends

I love you all

My last day on earth

Will the world change?

I will not know, it’s my time to go


Trapped under ice

How was your life?

Was it cold and sad like mine?

Full of people I don’t remember

Full of love that didn’t matter
Track Name: Solitary
I was waiting for an arrow

So I marked an X on my chest

If there’s a waiting line

I hope I’ll be next

So many sleepless nights

Sailing in disguise

Lost at sea or an ocean of apathy

Lust for abuse

If love is to care

I’ve been misused

Eyes open I see nothing

Eyes closed I see hope


No let downs

No lost loves

No aching hearts

No fear of losing
Track Name: No Light
Are you really what you say

I cannot tell it in your face

Masked men and women

Followed by their children

Figures in disguises

No room for self-respect

Happy faces in the world wide web

Fields of gold

Now cemeteries for oil barons

Price for the one who acts the most

Real deal don’t have a value

So now I ask all of you

There is no light at the end of the tunnel

Call upon your maker but help is never coming

Show up,

make an entrance, your days work is done
Track Name: Walls
I’m not strong, but I keep my head up high

My greatest weakness is you.

I’m willing to do whatever you want me to,

Even though the reason is you

Today you look like your mother,

Or did we just go back in time?

Do you love me enough to keep me here?

I try to pull you closer,

You stand there like a wall.

I’ve got to break you down to bring you back to life.

Walls will fall down

Brick by brick I build again.

Sometimes I talk more to myself

than with you

We are burning alive,

We burn at both ends and

Like the seasons we change

No matter how hard I try to keep us the same
Track Name: Something Great
Give your heart to it

And you will succeed

Your luck will change

Just give your heart to it

And you will be something great

Don’t dig a hole too deep because you might

wanna get up one day

Instead of standing, waiting and wishing

Start walking

It’s better to try and not give a fuck

Than drown in despair

Be ready to take a punch or two

On your way to the top

Someday you might lose it all

But maybe you’ll gain something more

Those memories of days gone by

We were something great